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 [Natsuiro Kiseki AMV] Friends Forever

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Masculin Sagittaire Buffle
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MessageSujet: [Natsuiro Kiseki AMV] Friends Forever    Sam 16 Fév - 20:45

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Name: Friends Forever
Anime: Natsuiro Kiseki
Song: Payphone
Artist: Maroon 5 ft Wiz Khalifa
Duration: 2:48 minute
programs: Sony vegas pro 10, Abdobe After Effects

END TO END IT!, After 3 months of editing and vagrancy (admittedly not end well before laziness xD) but I finished! you have not felt this feeling of relaxation, and with this if I can say that my frame back to editing again, and to make videos more often, if the school makes clear me xDD.

Well, concerning the video, not to over 1:19 to 1:22 is a mystery to me, because neither of 0:40 to 0:42 Mascarene wrong but hey, mistakes happen, not if you leave the concept clear, who saw the anime will know what is .. but I can say that I divided into three parts,

1: when receiving the news of the transfer of Saki (the yellow hair) and discover the power of rock to want to fly.

2: When yuka and Rinko (Yuka: the Green Hair, Rinko: the purple hair (?) Decean saki and natsumi accidentally stuck together

3: when Yuka discovers that his cousin is in love with saki, she accidentally calls be Saki, and changing bodies, Natsumi and Rinko also change, so it gives way to the other two main personages.

Well I think that's all I had to say about the video, try to beat me as much as possible on it, I personally think he does, and I'm happy about it, thanks for reading this and enjoy the video: 3
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MessageSujet: Re: [Natsuiro Kiseki AMV] Friends Forever    Sam 16 Fév - 21:59

i like the song^^

congradulation for the AMV ,i do not know this animate , i would see an episode

bon mon traducteur pas terrible

i let the expert give their opinion



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Merci  Chup' !!

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MessageSujet: Re: [Natsuiro Kiseki AMV] Friends Forever    Jeu 21 Mar - 12:48

Well, first of all, I apologize if my comment is not very English.

One of the rules of the forum is to give the presentation of the clip with a link to download the video. The reason is that it is easier for us to help you correct any issues preparing your software amv. Rarely visible problems with Youtube already causing its own problems.

The clip lacks rhythm. Compared to the music, you canned scenes too long in your amv. However I liked the first 15 seconds are managed. Small scenes with well arranged music. It is after you keep longer scenes that breaks the flow of your amv.

* 1 minute 21 pixels not very aesthetic

It is clear that you begun with Sony Vegas because you do not dare enough things to differentiate your transitions between scenes.

Try to diversify your arsenal of techniques.

Regarding strengths in your clip, it leaves very good look. Despite the length of your clip, we remain interested in what it is, a universe, sympathetic characters, a good atmosphere that sticks to the music.

Good work!

Version Française:
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MessageSujet: Re: [Natsuiro Kiseki AMV] Friends Forever    

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[Natsuiro Kiseki AMV] Friends Forever
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